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10th Anniversary iPhone X Could Cost Over $1,000 – Here’s Why

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10th Anniversary iPhone X Could Cost Over $1,000 – Here’s Why

There is immense speculation regarding the release of the iPhone X 10th anniversary edition. This is the codename for a possible iPhone 8 model expected later in 2017. Although probable features and specs have been widely discussed online, price estimates were missing until now.

There is now talk of the 10th anniversary iPhone X being priced over $1,000. This is a mild shocker of sorts since this will be the highest price for any iPhone in history. The present top end model of the company, namely the iPhone 7 Plus, is priced at $969.

The 10th anniversary iPhone X could well be the costliest iPhone model if this development turns out to be true. Hype Beast reports that the phone’s OLED screens will be pretty expensive and will subsequently jack up prices.

Why will prices be sky-high?

Apple Insider confirms that a premium price point is expected for the iPhone X. Sources have reportedly confirmed that the OLED display will take up the entire front fascia. The phone will also get a major memory upgrade as compared to the present iPhone 7.

These developments are expected to raise prices significantly. The phone is expected to get a 5.8 inch OLED display. There are other reports of Apple opting for bigger and flexible display panels in order to facilitate the curved design. As a result, 5.1-5.2 inches may turn out to be the actual display zone for the handset.

This phone will commemorate the 10th anniversary of this iconic handset launched by Apple. There may be several key features embedded beneath the display unit itself. These include the Touch ID fingerprint sensor, FaceTime camera, and earpiece. This will ensure a fantastic edge-to-edge design template.

However, this is not the only launch expected in 2017 from Apple. The tech giant is expected to release iPhone 7 series successors. These could sport designs that are similar with 5.5 and 4.7 inch displays.

Regular handsets are expected to retain LCD technology for display units. The OLED handset will have a much improved panel, thereby justifying the hefty pricing to some extent. Apple is planning big for its 10th anniversary celebrations.

More on Expected Features 

The company had reportedly tested out 10 prototype models earlier. As a result, the final model to be launched still remains a mystery of sorts. The least that can be said is that the phone will definitely receive really impressive features.

A glass body and edge-to-edge OLED display are naturally expected along with an A11 chip which is notably swifter. There could also be wireless charging and some high tech features like iris scanning or facial recognition as per sources.

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