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2nd Resident Evil 7 DLC Pack Now Available: Prequel, New Missions & More

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2nd Resident Evil 7 DLC Pack Now Available: Prequel, New Missions & More

Fans of Resident Evil 7 will understand the need to comprehend the game’s story. Luckily, Capcom is not without an answer to that problem. In fact, players will be able to play through it.

Resident Evil 7 was critically acclaimed for its re-imagining of the Resident Evil franchise. Although its sales were not as high as Resident Evil 6‘s, players and critics praise its successful attempt to revitalize the genre. However, it still has its consequences.

For instance, there are still a few unresolved points in Resident Evil 7. They are not “plot holes” per se, but are things that could be continued in a sequel. Or, in the case of recent downloadable content (DLC) releases, may be potentially resolved right now.

Resident Evil 7: Prequel, New Missions?

However, it is wise to remember at this point that players are dwelling in spoiler territory. Gamers themselves have not yet immersed themselves with the games in the Banned Footage Vol. 2, but Capcom provides enough information. Intriguingly, this DLC may be a prequel.

According to GameSpot, the DLC contains two new missions. There is something called 21 Scenario that “gambles” the life of the player with a sick game by Lucas Baker. Fans are still not aware just how “deadly” the game is, but it does involve limbs.

The next mission is the Daughters Scenario, which will be a prequel to the story. This particular bit of information is important, as very little was revealed to the story surrounding the title. Fans only know so far that Evelyn, the old woman in the mansion, is actually the main antagonist in the game.

It can be remembered that it was Evelyn, as a bioweapon, who was influencing the Bakers. She was also the source of the liquid that transforms the other Bakers’ victims into monsters. However, her origins are still unexplored. The new mission will hopefully resolve this.

More DLCs, Updates

The DLC will also add a new mode called Jack’s 55th Birthday. This will hopefully be a breather for players, as this is a “comical” mode. The game describes this mode as feeding Jack Baker “tons of food.” As to what food these are, of course, is up for speculation.

However, fans should grab the DLC quick as it is a timed exclusive for the PlayStation 4 until February 21. After that, it will be released to the PC and Xbox One. Interestingly, this cements the idea that the game truly is a PlayStation “exclusive,” at least to some extent.

According to Shack News, players who have the game’s Season Pass (for $29.99) will be able to get the game immediately. However, others can purchase the game separately for $14.99. The game will automatically update afterwards.

The first DLC, Banned Footage Vol 1., debuted on January 31. It seems Capcom truly has a lot of fans to expand the mythos of this retelling of the Resident Evil franchise. However, fans are still not aware about the effect of the game to the overall plot of the series.

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