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4th Pokemon Sun And Moon Global Mission A Success Right After Launch

Pokemon Sun And Moon
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4th Pokemon Sun And Moon Global Mission A Success Right After Launch

Pokemon trainers are at it again and breaking milestones. Pokemon Sun and Moon has just released its fourth Global Mission – and it’s already over. This marks the second time players accomplished a Global Mission.

Pokemon Sun and Moon players have to finish these missions in order to win rewards. The recent Global Mission is the fourth in a series expected to continue in the next few months.

These are amazing comeback streaks considering the first two Global Missions for the game. Pokemon Sun and Moon trainers had considerably failed the first and second Global Missions. This made players in the community hold their breaths to see if trainers can turn the tide – and by the spirit of Celebii, they did.

Pokemon Sun and Moon: Global Mission Victory

The news is courtesy of Destructoid, which reported on the Global Mission just a day after it was announced. This was quite surprising as goal-oriented missions generally needed a few days at least before updates are made. However, players appear to have already finished it.

The fourth Global Mission needed players to get 250,000 Battle Points in the Battle Tree. This can only be reached if the main game is finished. That fact itself means the number of participants in the mission will be lessened. However, players already acquired over 500,000 BP within a day.

Players who still want to participate in the fourth Global Mission can go to the Festival Plaza. Trainers can go to the Battle Tree after talking to the lady in the castle. Completing the mission rewards players with 2,000 Festival Coins. Franchise fans can get 4,000 Festival Coins if they have a Pokemon Global Link account tied to their games.

However, players can get more rewards. Trainers who get at least three BPs can get five rare candies. These can help Pokemon level up. Participants can also get a Heavy Ball after surpassing the 500,000 BP mark.

Global Missions: In the Spirit of Cooperation

Players can owe the success of the recent Global Missions to the game’s subreddit. The victory of the trainer population was announced in an official thread. The achievement appears to be so sudden that other players are also still in shock.

It can be remembered that the first Global Mission required players to capture 100 million Pokemon. Meanwhile, players had to scan 1 million creatures for the second mission. These proved a bit too hard for players, resulting in quite the embarrassing failures.

Global Missions entered the game last November 2016 with the aforementioned first mission. Unfortunately, only 16 million of the 100 million target were caught. Players saw this a bad sign for the future Missions, but it seems trainers turned the tide.

If Nintendo’s objective in the Global Missions is to create a more “cooperative” environment for players, then it succeeded. After all, Sun and Moon are still very early releases and it will take time for another Pokemon game to arrive. Meanwhile, fans who want to join in the fun can get the game for the Nintendo 3DS.

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