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Ace Combat 7 Release Date Coming To Xbox One, PC & PS4

Ace Combat 7

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Ace Combat 7 Release Date Coming To Xbox One, PC & PS4

Fighter planes will take the lead in the latest installment of the Ace Combat franchise. Ace Combat 7 will finally be arriving in 2017. Fans of the franchise will once again take control of realistic planes against foes in this intense flying simulator.

Ace Combat 7 is the seventh installment in the hybrid flight simulator franchise. The series is known for its dramatic plots and fast-paced action. Much of the events of the series are based on real-life events, starring fictional countries.

The main selling point of the series is the ability to pilot aircrafts that are based on real-life planes. These involve slightly-modified versions of real planes and prototypes. Fans will also appreciate the continuity across the games, as some characters are hinted in future titles. Hopefully Ace Combat 7 will have references to events that happened in previous games, especially the disaster of the fictional Ulysses 1994XF04 asteroid that hit the Earth in 1994.

Ace Combat 7: Release Date

The 7th installment in the series, Skies Unknown, will officially have a 2017 release. Bandai Namco still has not revealed an exact release date for the newest title. However, the earliest-possible release would be on the next gaming convention of the year, which is PAX East in March.

The game features a new graphics engine, evidenced by the stunning visuals of skies and planes in the trailer. Models of the planes in the trailer seem to be relatively new, and the enemies appear to be particularly skillful. According to EGM Now, the game will have its own campaign and multiplayer modes.

Sanao Katabuchi will be returning as the series’ lead writer. He also wrote the storylines for Ace Combat 4: Shattered Skies and Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War. His experience with the franchise can be a breath of fresh air for fans who miss the classic Ace Combat stories.

New gameplay, features

According to PC Gamer, the arrival of the game to the PC is a surprise for fans. This is because the Ace Combat franchise did not have a lot of PC releases. The only other game in the franchise to be ported to the PC is Ace Combat: Assault Horizon. Unfortunately, it did not have good reviews.

The game’s current story is a bit hard to grasp. This is considering the trailer itself involves some sort of intercontinental war. Players who are into philosophy may enjoy some of the musings of the narrator throughout the trailer. This suggests a conflict between man and machine, as to how the latter can become both a savior and further detach us from humanity.

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