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Was Adele Australia Tour Confirmed With Mystery TV Ad – Here’s The Truth

Adele Australia Tour


Was Adele Australia Tour Confirmed With Mystery TV Ad – Here’s The Truth

Fans Down Under seem more confident about the Adele Australia Tour after the telecast of a mysterious TV ad.

It offered no specific details about when and where it would happen. Yet for fans of the British songstress in Australia and New Zealand, it did not matter. For them it would appear the thirty-second ad said everything with the close-up of the singer’s eyes and the Hello music playing in the background.

The Music Network previously wrote about the Adele Australia Tour set to happen in March 2017. She will reportedly perform in the key capital cities of the country. However, Live Nation and Remote Control Records have yet to confirm the report.

Interestingly, her alleged tour dates would coincide with those of Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber. Thus, it raised doubts about the earlier report from Domain about the post of Luxico for a luxury rental home. Earlier speculation posited he was the client in question. Yet it would appear Adele might be the more appropriate guess.

Adele has yet to perform in both countries. Hence, the anticipation of her fans for her rumored performances there. recalled her earlier tease to fans of plans to visit Down Under during her Minnesota concert. However, she also took back what she said soon after. Adele explained her tendency to make announcements even when she is not supposed to. Yet the Adele Australia Tour hinted in March still has to overcome a couple of issues.

First, her son would be attending school next year. An occasion Adele does not want to pass up. Thus, the wind up of her current tour this year. Second, the Grammy Awards in February. It is likely the British singer would want to be there since she is touted to make a sweep of the awards.

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