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Alien Covenant Movie To Include VR Capabilities

Alien Covenant Movie
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Alien Covenant Movie To Include VR Capabilities

Films these days no longer settle with the usual video recording and filming because of the technology we have. One good example of this is the Alien Covenant movie. The upcoming sci-fi horror film from Fox Innovation Lab provides a virtual reality experience to its viewers.

Alien Covenant Movie

Ridley Scott is the executive producer and director of the film, according to Variety. Scott is not new to video games since he was involved in Call of Duty and also created a VR experience for The Martian movie.

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With that, there is a high chance to create a VR (virtual reality) experience for the Alien Covenant. Based on the trailer of the film, one can tell that it will definitely be amazing. The film will hit theaters on May 19, 2017.

The VR version doesn’t have a release date yet but since the film will be out this year, it is possible that the VR aspect, which is currently in development, will also be available this year.

Alien Covenant Movie Virtual Reality

For now, only little details about the VR experience of the film are available. The virtual reality platform is not yet confirmed by Fox Innovation Lab.

But according to Game Rant, it is possible that it will be made available in Oculus Rift since the platform has Oculus Touch controllers. Aside from that, it could also be released for Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, and HTC Vive.

Fox Innovation Lab even describes the VR experience as “dread-inducing” as the gamers navigate alien environments. Once they successfully make the VR experience interesting, horrifying and fun, it is possible that there will be more Alien-themed virtual reality games in the near future.

More franchises from Scott might also have a VR experience once this become successful. But it is said that the Alien: Isolation of 2014 might come first since it was already previously teased by Saga.

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