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All Heroes Of The Storm Characters Are Free To Play This Weekend

Heroes Of The Storm
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All Heroes Of The Storm Characters Are Free To Play This Weekend

You can now play all Heroes of the Storm characters for free!

For a limited time only, Blizzard Entertainment has made all Heroes of the Storm characters available for players to try them out for 72 hours.

The event starts on January 13 at 10 AM PT and the same time on January 16. This is Blizzard’s way of celebrating the New Year, albeit late. It applies to all regions so it doesn’t matter which time zone you’ll be in.

This New Year gift is a way for Blizzard to promote their heroes this 2017. Players will have three days to play more than 60 Heroes. This includes the first multi-class character Varian, Ragnaros and the recent character introduced by Blizzard, World of Warcraft’s Zul’jin. Players can also pay to get access to a Hero permanently.

Free characters are available to play each week though the lineup is not to anyone’s choice. New characters also take a while to make it into the lineup so this event is clearly getting everyone hyped.

The game is known for requiring players to purchase characters with real money or the game’s gold. More than 16 characters were released by Blizzard Entertainment last year. So if you’ve never had the chance to try them out before, now is the time to do so.

2016 Year In Review For Heroes of The Storm

Blizzard boasts their amazing updates last year in a video. It summarizes everything they’ve managed to release such as 16 new Heroes, 2 new Battlegrounds as well as Battleground updates, 4 Legendary skins with 49 new skins, Unranked Draft mode and a Heroes Brawl game mode.

The video also teases fans not to miss 2017, as the New Year will surely bring even more surprises and upgrades from Blizzard.

Are you excited? If you haven’t checked out the video, you may watch it below.

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