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Amazon Go Convenience Store To End Checkout Lines In 2017 – How It Works

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Amazon Go Convenience Store To End Checkout Lines In 2017 – How It Works

The Amazon Go real world convenience and grocery store is a revelation. Amazon has announced this unique grocery store on Monday. Here, you do not have to endure any checkout process. You can only buy what you want and simply walk out!

Yes, you read it right! The Amazon Go grocery store does not require any checkout procedure. You can also steer clear of long checkout lines. The order is posted to your Amazon account thereafter.

The Amazon Go grocery store does not have any lines, cashiers and so on. You don’t have to reach out for your credit card by all means. The Amazon Go does seem to be the future of mainstream retail as per experts.

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Wired reports that the first Amazon convenience store location is in Seattle where the retailer is based. There is just 1800 sq. ft. offering fresh meals, bread, cheese, milk, pre-made snacks and so on. Amazon has stated that the Amazon app needs to be downloaded.

What It Promises

Once you have the app, you can enter this store and commence shopping. The concept is presently open to only Amazon employees in beta. The public launch of the same for consumers has been kept for early 2017.

Amazon has not shared any intricate details yet. There is deep learning technology used along with computer vision and sensors. Artificial intelligence combines with sensors to inform where customers are looking even in crowds. Even partially blocked labels are identified.

Benefits of the Concept 

Amazon also connects individuals and products and will be able to track customers with their mobile Wi-Fi addresses. This will foster interaction between real world items and smartphones. The biggest Amazon possesses is that it can control what ultimately gets stocked.

NPR reports that Amazon has earlier experimented with the brick and mortar store format. A bookstore was launched last year in Seattle and locations in Portland and San Diego have since been added.

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