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AMD Ryzen Processor Specs: How It Fairs Against Intel Core i7-6900K

AMD Ryzen Processor


AMD Ryzen Processor Specs: How It Fairs Against Intel Core i7-6900K

Intel’s Kaby Lake-R chipset is just one of the most powerful technologies rolled out today. AMD Ryzen Processor aims to get their share of the market. How did AMD Ryzen Processor fair against Intel’s Core i7-900K? Here’s a look.

AMD Ryzen Processor

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) showed the processor’s prowess in surpassing the 140 watt i7-6900K processor in numerous functions.

The beast of a performance chip will be available on desktop computers. Moreover, it will be launched as an 8-core, 16-thread chip, clocking 3.4 Gigahertz (GHZ) speed or higher. In addition, it offers 20 megabytes (MB) of level 2 and level 3 cache support for AMD’s AM4 Platform.

Also known as Zen, AMD aims to takover Qualcomm, Samsung and Nvidia in the chipset industry. While Intel is gaining strong footing in the market due to its Kaby Lake technology, AMD is slowly working on its way to the top.

Furthermore, the Ryzen can work well in the smartphone market. Its power efficiency can help in providing longer battery life to phones without compromising quality.

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AMD Ryzen Processor Vs. Intel Core i7- 6900K

French magazine Canard PC put the new processor to the test. They announced that the Ryzen processor is comparable to a Core i7-6800K and Core i7-6900K chip. In addition, the chip may be cheaper but it can still compete with high-end chipsets.

Meanwhile, AMD did a demo of the chip in an event this December. They did an image rendering test versus the i7-6900K processor. The Ryzen successfully matched the more expensive chip’s performance – a feat that proves that pricier doesn’t always mean better.

Forbes ran a benchmark test between the two chipsets. AMD Ryzen registered impressive scores. Surprisingly, the Ryzen scored better than Intel’s i7 chipset. AMD contains an 8-core, 16-thread technology compared to Intel’s 4-core, 8-thread construction.

Price Comparison

AMD have not disclosed the price of its monster chipset. However, Intel will be facing serious competition if the developer decides to sell Ryzen at $500 a pop. Meanwhile, Intel’s $1,100 would have to be slashed down to compete with the chipset that challenges the i7 in terms of performance.

In the advent of Virtual Reality and high definition screens, finding cheaper chipsets that do the job can make a lot of gamers veer on the cheaper side.

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