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Android Nougat Update: How To Get Early Access To Software Before Release

Android Nougat


Android Nougat Update: How To Get Early Access To Software Before Release

Excited to test the latest Android operating system? Here’s how to test the Android Nougat before everyone else.

Android Beta Program

The Android Beta Program lets users test a beta version of the operating system before its public release. Furthermore, Google opens the access to gather feedback, and possibly improve the software six weeks before launch.

Once the user decides to opt-in, the phone will receive an over-the-air update of the Android Nougat.

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How to Test Android Nougat

Nexus and Pixel users can opt-in their device to test the new OS. To sign up, it is imperative to use the Google account for the beta to work. Moreover, the devices that are eligible for Nougat are Nexus 6, Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, Nexus 9, Nexus Player, General Mobile 4G and Pixel C.

Furthermore, back up the device first before parsing the update to avoid any problems with missing data. Next, just select which Google account you want to use by going to Settings, and then Accounts.

Once connected, proceed to the Android Beta Program page and log in using the Google account selected. A list of devices will be rolled up; just select the device to be used. Lastly, agree with the terms and tick Join Beta.

Sending Feedback

It is expected that there will be errors and defects that will be encountered in the pre-release version of the Nougat. Moreover, Google lists known errors to give beta testers an overview of possible defects.

There will be an update every four to six weeks until the launch of the Nougat. In addition, Google’s timeline can be found here. New sign ups need to wait within a 24-hour timeframe before the update is received by the device.

Here’s the beta testers’ chance to take part in improving the software. Proceed to Feedback, Settings, go to About, and then Send feedback to let Google hear the findings. Further, there’s an Android Beta Program Google+ community where registered testers can share their feedback so far. Even more, users can report a bug using the Android Open Source Project Issue Tracker.

Scared to brick the phone? Fret not, as testers can opt-out any time. First, go to the beta page and then hit Unenroll device. An OTA update will restore the original Android installed in the device. It is imperative to back up the device first before doing any major changes.

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