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Android Wear 2.0 Release Date Set For February Launch

android wear 2.0
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Android Wear 2.0 Release Date Set For February Launch

After a few months of delay, Android Wear 2.0 is set for release in February.

Reports of Android Wear 2.0 being available soon was first reported by a Google+ user who was sent an email by Google Play. This email was apparently sent to all other app developers, notifying them that 2.0 will arrive in “early February”.

Along with this announcement, Google Play also added that the new on-watch Play Store will also be available.

Though the date isn’t specific, we now know that 2.0 is coming sooner than we think. This announcement is aimed at developers to prepare and update their apps or they might find it unavailable in the Play Store once the update rolls in.

In addition, Google is getting the message to every developer out there to have their apps run in standalone mode. This mode means that apps aren’t dependent to their smartphones. This mode is a feature of the update and was announced in May 2016 at the company’s developer conference.

The update will be available to other existing smartwatches as well but it’s not sure which smartwatch will have it.

2.0 was expected to be launched last year. But around September, Google pushed its release date back to 2017 to iron out some issues that probably showed up during previews.

This news had disappointed many but come February, we’ll see the update soon.

Other Android Wear 2.0 Updates

Aside from the announcement of the 2.0, Google is apparently also planning in two smartwatches. The hardware that’s going to be used in these new versions are expected to be similar to Google’s Nexus partner devices.

Nothing is confirmed as of the moment seeing as the manufacturers are unnamed. But Google is expected to release more details of it soon early this year.

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