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Angelina Jolie Health Declines, Brad Pitt Divorce May Be Cause

Angelina Jolie
Image Source: FlickR/gageskidmore


Angelina Jolie Health Declines, Brad Pitt Divorce May Be Cause

Angelina Jolie is wasting away her health due to her bitter divorce with Brad Pitt. Her stress has gotten severe and is not coping at all.

The A-list actress Angelina Jolie has gotten worse and her eating habits are not doing any better. Since her divorce with fellow A-lister actor Brad Pitt last September, she is down to 76 pounds! The couple divorced citing irreconcilable differences as a ground.

Angelina Jolie

Image Source: Flickr/gageskidmore

In a report from Radar Online, Dr. Stuart Fischer, an internist based in New York, says that the actress has “gone past the point of safety!” A source says that, “Her arms have become so bone-thin, they look like toothpicks!” Dr. Gabe Mirkin, who has not treated Jolie, said that further weight loss could be lethal. “If she keeps losing weight, she’s going to go into heart failure,” the doctor warns.

Jolie’s custody fight contributed to her stress. The process became more difficult when the L.A. Department of Children and Family Services cleared Brad Pitt of abuse charges filed against him. This was during the time where there was an altercation with their son Maddox, 15 on a private jet. Things are favoring Pitt. He now has a greater chance of gaining joint custody with their six children while Jolie wanted sole custody of them.

Despite this, Pitt has also lost weight, dropping only about 20 pounds, which is nothing compared to Jolie’s weight loss.

Radar Online also reports that Angelina Jolie has reverted to chain smoking despite of her fear of getting cancer. According to an insider, the cigarettes kill her appetite even more.

However, according to a report by Gossip Cop, Jolie has not reverted to chain-smoking and that Radar Online’s news has no truth to it. An insider said that “All of the times I’ve spent with her at her home, I’ve never smelled or seen cigarettes!”

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