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Animal Crossing Mobile Release Date Delayed Due To Other Titles

Animal Crossing Mobile

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Animal Crossing Mobile Release Date Delayed Due To Other Titles

It seems even Nintendo has a bit of trouble with its lineup. Animal Crossing Mobile is in big trouble after its release was delayed. This is especially since the problem is not with development, but with other titles from the publishing company.

Nintendo is under a lot of pressure due to the impending release of the Nintendo Switch within the next month. This may justify just why the Animal Crossing Mobile game was cancelled. However, it seems there is more to it than just that.

Regardless, this means the latest Animal Crossing Mobile game will not be meeting fans soon. The game will be the seventh Animal Crossing-related title since its release in 2001. The community simulation has delighted fans with its features, but what does the mobile game have to offer?

Animal Crossing Mobile: Delay Reasons

The initial fanfare after the announcement of the Animal Crossing phone game means there is clamor for the release of the mobile port. However, a financial statement from Nintendo reveals they delayed the game yet again. This time, they said the game will be released “next fiscal year.”

The next fiscal year for Nintendo begins on April 1. This means the game will more or less be released a few months after that. However, the Animal Crossing game was apparently delayed in lieu of Fire Emblem Heroes.

The latter will have a February 2 release. Meanwhile, an Android version of Super Mario Run will also be launching in March. The delay for the Animal Crossing game was to “accommodate” the operation of the applications’ releases.

Newer Nintendo Games?

According to Game Rant, the delay of Animal Crossing for the mobile will mean not meeting its target releases for 2017. Nintendo has reportedly promised to release five mobile games by March 2017. Of the five games, only four were confirmed.

The four games were Super Mario RunFire Emblem Heroes, Miitomo and Animal Crossing. The fifth one was unnamed, unannounced and quietly cancelled by Nintendo. Only Animal Crossing will not meet the March 2017 “deadline.”

The revised release slate could cause panic among Nintendo investors. After all, Nintendo was the talk of the town during the controversial release of Pokemon GO and now Pokemon Duel. Its mobile game partnership with DeNA also gained the interest of investors and analysts. This is, after all, the company’s first step towards full-on mobile gaming.

The Animal Crossing game for mobile platforms may be released next fiscal year. This has a range of April 1, 2017 to March 31, 2018. This is quite a long span to wait, but this can also be a good time for Nintendo to release more mobile games.

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