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Does Anna Kendrick Think No One Would Watch Pitch Perfect: Truth Revealed!


Does Anna Kendrick Think No One Would Watch Pitch Perfect: Truth Revealed!

Pitch Perfect has become a hit musical comedy in 2012 and viewers have loved the film. However, Anna Kendrick did not expect the success of the hit film.

On Sunday, the 31-year old actress guest in NBC’s Sunday Today and talked about her career and the film’s success. In a report by E! News, Kendrick revealed that when she first read the script, she kind of thought that no one would watch it but to her surprise, it became a hit.

Kendrick was a broadway child actress until Pitch Perfect came which gave her more projects and became a Hollywood star. It was her break and the start of her outstanding career. Before the premiere of 2012 filmshe was just expecting nerds in the cinema.

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Apparently, after the premiere, it weren’t just the nerds who fell into Anna and the Bella’s voices but everybody adored the film. Refinery29 also shares that it wasn’t just the success of the movie that shocked the actress. She also can’t believe that her song Cups (When I’m Gone) hit success as the song peaked at No.6 in the Billboard.

The 31-year old felt weird for the success of the song. “The other people on the charts were Miley Cyrus and Macklemore and they’re out promoting and they must be like, ‘What is this bullshit?'” Kendrick said.

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Meanwhile, Anna Kendrick is promoting her book Scrappy Little Nobody. It features autobiographical essays about her childhood in Maine, boyfriends, sex, and her weird habit of mentioning her vagina during telephone interviews.

Aside from her personal life, it also includes her early career as a child actress and while growing up. There would also be some fashion talks and  a lot of musing about men and sex.


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