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Apocalypse Now Game Will Not Have Shooter Concept

Apocalypse Now Game
Image source: Screen grab from Youtube/Movieclips Trailer Vault account


Apocalypse Now Game Will Not Have Shooter Concept

Francis Ford Coppola – director of Apocalypse Now, the Academy Award winner for Best Cinematography film in 1980 – has already confirmed that he wanted an Apocalypse Now game. The concept for the game may be interesting. But, it may not be a shooter mode game as expected.


When Francis Ford Coppola’s son, Roman, reached out and talked to Rob Auten, a screenwriter who will be the writer for the Apocalypse Now game. Auten said that the video game will explore the same story as shown in the film as reported by Polygon. However, the difference lies on the interactivity and reactivity of the video game. Captain Benjamin Willard, the main protagonist in the movie, plays a role in the impact of how the characters on the Navy Patrol Boat will treat him. Colonel Walter Kurtz, the antagonist, will also treat Willard based on the latter’s decisions.

“The most interesting element of the story is the evolution of the relationship between the characters as they move down that river,” said Auten. “We want a game that is as deep as it is narrow. Players will have the ability to get out of the boat, have interactions,” Auten added. He also mentioned that the Apocalypse Now game will focus more on the “acquisition of relationships” rather than the material things.

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