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App Guide For PCs: The First Programs You Should Install

App Guide For PCs
Image source: Screen grab from Youtube/CTNTechnologyNews account


App Guide For PCs: The First Programs You Should Install

In setting up a new PC, applications are a must. Some of them may be obvious, such as Google Chrome and media players such as the default Microsoft Windows Media Player on the Windows PC. There are some apps you download because you are excited about your new PC that you will soon find that they have no use for you.

To help you determine which programs you should download which you can use everyday or in special occasions, we have laid down this app guide for PCs:

PC Basics

Here is an app guide for PCs on the basics you should get:

  • Web Browsers: You may choose between Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Opera.
  • Security: Avira may be the best free antivirus essential for your PC.
  • Messaging:
    • Skype provides a video chat and voice call service so that you can talk to your loved ones.
  • Compression: 7-Zip is a free and lightweight open-source file archiver.
  • Media
    • VLC has a more extensive coverage and it can play almost anything. This is the most recommended media player across all types of PCs.
  • Runtimes: Java 8, .Net, Silverlight, Air, and Shockwave are programs you should get before you even get notified that you need these programs to view or get something over the net.
  • Online storage: Dropbox offers cloud storage, file synchronization, personal cloud, and client software necessary for your PC.
  • Imaging: GIMP is a lesser alternative to Adobe Photoshop because this program is for free. You can retouch, edit, resize, crop, make a collage and convert photos to different formats.
  • Utilities: WinDirStat is a graphical disk usage analyzer for Windows which gives a nice visual breakdown of disk use storage.

Access Ninite here to download the apps you need all at once without any distractions such as ads.

App Guide For PCs

Image source: Screen grab from Youtube/Windows10update account

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Here is another app guide for PCs on other PC apps you should get:

  • Steam gives users installation and automatic games updates. It also has features such as friends lists and groups to help you communicate with fellow gamers.
  • Discord is a free Voice over Internet Protocol app designed for gaming communities. It means that it is a free and secure voice and text chat for gamers which works on both your desktop and phone.
  • Gifcam is a free program that helps you make gifs by recording video clips on your screen.
  • MSI Afterburner  is a graphics card overclocking utility which gives you a full monitor of your hardware. It incorporates RivaTuner Statistics Server which is a tool that lets you enforce framerates on your games. This program is for free and can be used with graphics cards of any brand.
  • f.lux adjusts the brightness of your PC while you use it at night. It automatically sets in at the end of the day. This app is good for the eyes.

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