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Apple 2017 New iPads To Be Launched In 2nd Quarter

Apple 2017
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Apple 2017 New iPads To Be Launched In 2nd Quarter

The Apple 2017 roster is expected to include three new iPad models. This exciting development has already been confirmed. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo at KGI Securities has issued a confirmatory note in this regard.

Ming’s note has confirmed the inclusion of three iPads in the Apple 2017 lineup. The note states clearly that the lineup will have a 9.7 inch model which will be the smallest. This iPad model will also be priced quite reasonably.

The Apple 2017 lineup will have another 10/10.5 inch iPad model. This will have narrow bezels while the 12.9 inch iPad Pro will be upgraded. Gadgets Now reports that these models should be launched in the second quarter of 2017.

What Else Do We Know 

An official release is hinted at anytime between April and June 2017. The bigger models will use the Apple A10 processor in a bigger avatar because of size advantages. This is currently used in all iPhone 7 models.

These processors are likely to be called A10X. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co may also produce the chip in this regard. The 9.7 inch iPad will use the A9 chip due to size constraints in turn.

This chip is used in the iPhone 6S smartphone range. This is one variant that will be produced by Samsung. These details have all been revealed through the note mentioned above.

Ming says that the 9.7 inch iPad will be the real draw. He expects it to take up at least 50-60% of overall shipments of iPads. He also feels that overall sales volumes may go down again for the iPad lineup.

Some Other Important Information 

The iPad Pro 2 is expected in March 2017 as per rumors. Additionally, the other models may be variants of the Pro 2. Apple is already working on producing the 10.5 inch model as per sources.

The Inquirer reports that Apple is silent on a follow-up to the iPad Mini 4. This suggests that the Cupertino tech behemoth may be trashing smaller tablets. These three new tablets are expected to arrest falling sales figures for iPads as per Ming.

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