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Ark Survival Evolved Mod Adds Pokemon To Gameplay

Ark Survival Evolved

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Ark Survival Evolved Mod Adds Pokemon To Gameplay

Ark Survival Evolved is generating huge excitement amongst gamers right now. A modder has replaced the dinosaurs in the game with Pokemon. A DMCA notice has also been slapped likewise.

Ark Survival Evolved still offers a chance for gamers to download and play this particular mod. The DMCA notice has reportedly been taken away. It does not appear for the mod’s page as well in the Steam Workshop.

The developer of the Ark Survival Evolved mod has also confirmed that the DMCA notice is likely to have been given by another modder. PC Gamer reports that the notice may have been submitted by a supporter of any other modder. This modder is also in the process of developing an Ark Pokemon mod.

What Else Should You Know?

The mod at the heart of the controversy replaces all the dinosaurs in Ark: Survival Evolved with Pokemon. However, if you wish to catch all your desired Pokemon, you will have to act fast. Quite a few days after the mod appeared, it is still downloadable.

However, this may change in an instant. reports that several fans have been asking for a Pokemon theme in the game for a long time now. There is a huge mystery surrounding the identity of the person who issued the notice.

More on the Mod

Mystic Academy is one modder who has openly admitted that all animations and models in this mod are not original. They have been directly imported from Pokemon X/Y instead of being created originally. A few tweaks have only been made in order to ensure smooth in-game working.

You can easily hunt Pokemon along with fighting and riding all you want. Nintendo may also file for breach of copyright due to the direct import. Additionally, Valve may also take down the mod at the earliest. Thus, players should grab the opportunity to play the game with the mod intact while they still can.

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