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Arrow Season 5 Spoilers Reveal Pilot Episode Cameo For Finale

Arrow Season 5


Arrow Season 5 Spoilers Reveal Pilot Episode Cameo For Finale

Arrow Season 5 Spoilers have emerged and fans are in for some surprises indeed! The show runner Marc Guggenheim has leaked a major spoiler for fans. The fifth season finale will be a firecracker indeed!

The Arrow Season 5 finale will have several flashbacks according to Guggenheim. These will trace Oliver Queens’ 5 year journey so far. The structure was initially supposed to be part of the ending of the show.

The very last flashback in the Arrow Season 5 finale will be Oliver finally witnessing the boat which rescued him in the pilot. The pilot episode will play a short cameo in the finale. This is definitely a source of great excitement for fans.

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What Else Can Be Expected?

Earlier in 2012, producer Andrew Kreisberg had stated that this moment is “the last episode of the series”. However, this will now be implemented in the fifth season finale itself as per Comic Book/dc. The television series has attained huge popularity and success alike.

The flashbacks have almost become saturated as per several enthusiasts. However, this pilot will infuse something fresh into the storyline by way of intrigue. Additionally, it also becomes a sign that the show is not ending anytime soon.

What Marc Guggenheim Said

Marc Guggenheim reportedly talked of this “spoiler alert. That’s going to end up being the Season 5 finale”. The television series has not been officially renewed for Season 6 as of yet. However, many feel that this is a mere formality since the show has received fabulous responses over the years.

Guggenheim also talked of how there was “a hope” in 2012 “that the show would run five years”. He also added that there were hopes of being able to “intercut the final moment of the series with the first moment of the series”.

The television series airs every Wednesday on The CW at 8 PM EW. Guggenheim also hinted that there are several surprises to watch out for as well as per the Screen Crush.

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