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Assassin’s Creed Movie: Pros, Cons & Whether Or Not You Should See It

Assassin’s Creed movie


Assassin’s Creed Movie: Pros, Cons & Whether Or Not You Should See It

The latest Assassin’s Creed movie has created ripples worldwide. However, it has drawn flak for its storyline. Should you see it or not?

The Assassin’s Creed movie has been an ambitious endeavor with a whole new plot. The game itself bases on a conflict going back centuries between two groups. These are the Knights Templar and the selfless order of Assassins.

These two groups combat each other across multiple time zones and periods in history. There are exciting battles with swords on rooftops and the like. The game itself has seen more than 93 million copies sold worldwide.

The Assassin’s Creed movie seeks to build on this overwhelming popularity. The Independent reports that the movie has been co-produced by DMC. DMC is owned by Michael Fassbender who is also starring in the movie.

More Details On The Movie 

The movie has a budget of $125 million and Fassbender plays Callum Lynch. Lynch is shown as a murderer and criminal about to be executed. However, his life takes a sudden turn when poison is injected into him.

He does not die and instead wakes up in another room where scientist Sophia Rikkin greets him. This character is played by Marion Cotillard. Lynch finds out that he has been whisked to this secret facility based in Madrid.

This is nothing but another front for the Templars who are seeking the Golden Apple of Eden. This apple is the original fruit and contains human violence and sin as an essence. These could be eradicated by people who possess the apple as the original legend goes.

What Callum Discovers 

Callum, as discovered, is a direct descendent of the 15th century Assassin called Aguilar de Nertha. The Golden Apple was last seen in the possession of Callum’s ancestor. The Templars wish to make Callum reveal his genetic memory through a virtual reality machine because of this fact.

Director Justin Kurzel, however, seems a little lost with the storyline. Wired reports that Kurzel has confirmed that making the film is a lot “like making Macbeth”.

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