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Asus ZenFone Price & Specs: World’s First VR And AR Phone

asus zenfone
Image Screengrabbed from: Youtube / Asus


Asus ZenFone Price & Specs: World’s First VR And AR Phone

Google and Samsung aren’t the only ones trying their hand out in virtual reality (VR). Asus Zenfone is joining the group and it’s not only packed with VR features but with AR (augmented reality) too.

The new Asus Zenfone AR was leaked a few days ago by Qualcomm’s site and now Asus has confirmed it recently. The Zenfone AR will be the world’s first VR and AR smartphone since it’ll be packed with Tango and Daydream.

For those that aren’t aware of Tango, it’s a software by Google that enables augmented reality features in phones. Daydream on the other hand is Google’s platform for mobile virtual reality apps.

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The Zenfone AR carries two of Google’s newest developments. The phone houses three different cameras since these are Tango’s requirements. The cameras are equipped with motion tracking, room mapping and depth. Tango also enables the phone to be able to detect distances from two points or its location exactly inside a building.

Though not at a lot of people would find this useful, it can be helpful in creating a 3D model of a room before renovating the place. It can also help one measure distances between furniture or solve extra spaces needed when moving in to a new apartment.

Google Daydream on the other hand converts the Zenfone AR into a VR device. This is with the help of the Daydream View headset. Though this isn’t as impressive as Tango, many find this a nice bonus feature to the device.

Asus ZenFone AR Specs and Price

The new ZenFone AR is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 821 processor. The phone is measured at 5.7 inches with an impressive RAM of 8 GB. The camera is remarkably 23 megapixels and runs on Android 7.0

As for the price, no news of it has been confirmed.

The new Zenfone AR phone is set for release in the second quarter of 2017.

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