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Avengers 3 Cast: Sebastian Stan Could Replace Chris Evans As Captain America

Avengers 3


Avengers 3 Cast: Sebastian Stan Could Replace Chris Evans As Captain America

The Avengers 3 cast will have a major change of sorts. Sebastian Stan may just be the new Captain America. He could be replacing Chris Evans this time. Sebastian Stan has recently shared an Instagram photograph. In this photograph, he is carrying a shield which is almost identical to the one carried by Captain America.

Avengers 3 casting news has not been officially confirmed yet. However, Stan’s photograph has sparked widespread rumors on him replacing Chris Evans. This may be a big hint on the future of the Marvel film franchise.

Avengers 3 casting rumors have been sparked by this shield shown by Stan. This has a red star right in the middle. The inspiration seems to be Bucky’s metal arm and the caption talks of how this shield “will come in handy”.

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Why these Rumors are Proliferating

Yibada reports that Casey McBroom made the shield. McBroom does make several shields for fans and other cosplayers. There is no official confirmation on whether this shield will be used in the near future.

There are rumors of Stan being fitted for the Captain America costume as well. Bucky may well be a major replacement for Steve Rogers played by Chris Evans. To add fuel to the fire, Marvel President Kevin Feige has earlier talked of how a Captain America movie may be possible without Steve Rogers.

Why Steve Rogers Is Not Imperative For Captain America Movies

He has earlier stated that he has “read Captain America comics that don’t have Steve Rogers in them”. Steve Rogers has not always been Captain America in the comic book series. Characters like the Winter Soldier or Bucky Barnes and Falcon or Sam Wilson have taken on the role.

Sebastian Stan has also talked of how he loves his present character. Additionally, he has shared how he is being open to “whatever Marvel decides”. iTech Post has also reported that Sebastian Stan may well take over the Captain America mantle in the future.

Captain America has not just been about Steve Rogers. Several other characters in the comic books have taken up the baton whenever required. Looks like something similar is on the cards for the movie franchise as well!

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