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Awesome Games Done Quick 2017 Marathon To Help Cancer Starts Today

Awesome Games Done Quick 2017
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Awesome Games Done Quick 2017 Marathon To Help Cancer Starts Today

The Awesome Games Done Quick 2017 starts today.

The bi-annual charity gaming marathon starts today, January 8 and will run until January 15. Speedrunners from all over the world will be convening at the Hilton Washington Dulles Airport Hotel in Virginia. Furthermore, the Awesome Games Done Quick 2017 aims to raise awareness and money for preventing cancer by playing games this year.

The Awesome Games Done Quick 2017, or simply known as the AGDQ 2017, is turning out to be one of the most looked forward to events by gamers ever year. The event isn’t about playing the games professionally. Rather, it is having gamers in one hall play certain games as fast as they can, competing their time with everyone else present.

Other than speedrunning through games, the event tackles discussions and tactics in playing the game and how speedrunning is considered art.

The money raised for the event will go to the Prevent Cancer Foundation. As shown by previous AGDQ events, the cause will bring around a million dollars. Last year’s AGDQ event raised $1.295 million topping 2015’s $1.23 million. 2016’s event was to help Doctors Without Borders.

The official pre-show starts today at 11:30 AM EST and speedrunning commences for twelve hours. To start off, Ape Escape 2 will be played and will end with Undertale. Other games include, Quake, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Where To Stream The Games Live

To catch the live broadcast and Twitch stream, check out this link here. There’s no need to worry if you miss out on a game. The official Youtube page of AGDQ uploads all the streams. Once it’s available, you may check them out here.

Have you ever gone to an AGDQ event? What was it like? Share with us your experience below.

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