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Battlefield 1 DLC: Everything You Need To Know About Expansions

Battlefield 1
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Battlefield 1 DLC: Everything You Need To Know About Expansions

Developer EA DICE has officially announced the details of the four upcoming downloadable content (DLCs) for Battlefield 1 this year. They have confirmed that players can purchase the said DLCs individually or as part of its Season Pass.

Those who purchased the game’s Season Pass for US$50 will have free access to the past, current, and future DLCs on release. Aside from the free download, they will receive the expansion packs two weeks earlier than other players.

Other features of the Season Pass include 14 Superior Battlepacks and 16 new Multiplayer maps. Aside from these, players would also have new elite classes, new armies, 20 new weapons, and new Operations and game modes.

They Shall Not Pass

The first expansion would bring back players to the World War 1 era where they would play as the French army. This DLC would include four French maps and the Char 2C tank, the newest behemoth class vehicle. According to GameSpot, players can already try out this expansion on the Community Test Environment.

Name of the Tsar

The second expansion would allow players to take control of the Russian army. The DLC would feature the historic Brusilov offensive and the Albion assault where they have to ride with the legendary Hussars to victory.

Turning Tides

Turning Tides, the third DLC of the game, would focus more on the sea with a naval focus. It would include a new destroyer and coastal class airship. This expansion pack will feature the Zeebrugge raid and the storm beaches of Gallipoli where players have to take part.


This is the fourth and last DLC to be released this year and will include the infamous battles of World War 1. It will feature the “brutal tools and unique weapons born out of desperation and deadlock.” This would enable players to look deeper into the events of the war.

Battlefield 1 Winter Update

Alongside the DLC, EA Dice has also recently released the information about the upcoming Battlefield 1 winter update. One of the things that they brought back includes the Ribbon system which would give 300 experience each time a player obtains one.

Developers have announced 20 Ribbons so far and they plan on adding more in the future, even basing on player suggestions. They also plan on adding Elix Codex which would give 25,000 bonus experience for each. EA Dice has not yet announced the official release date of the upcoming DLCs.

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