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Battlefield 1 DLC Gameplay Update: Giant’s Shadow Map, New Weapons Set for Dec 20 Release

Battlefield 1 DLC
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Battlefield 1 DLC Gameplay Update: Giant’s Shadow Map, New Weapons Set for Dec 20 Release

The upcoming Battlefield 1 DLC this December is confirmed to include the Giant’s Shadow Map, as well as a new weapon!

Battlefield 1 DLC Map: Giant’s Shadow

EA had just released a teaser trailer for the Giant’s Shadow. The Giant’s Shadow map takes place during the Battle of the Selle in France in 1918. The name of the map is based upon its most prominent feature, the huge crashed zeppelin in the background. A huge portion of the map would also be the armored train.

What made the map appear more interesting is that it contains horses and planes. Horses in Battlefield 1 have a reputation for being quite effective in close-quarters combat. They also have the ability to trample enemies in the game.  Horses in Battlefield 1 are feared in the hands of a skilled player.

There are at least three types of planes in the game: fighters, bombers, and attack planes. It is still undetermined if all types of planes would be present in the upcoming map.

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New Weapon

Only one new weapon has been confirmed so far, but it is a pretty cool one: a grenade crossbow! Now players could go ala Rambo with this new novelty weapon, even if  Rambo used a bow instead of a crossbow. How the grenade crossbow would perform in the game would most likely be similar to a grenade launcher. As with any grenade weapon, also comes the risk of backfiring. So expect to see a lot of reckless Rambo-wannabe players blow themselves to bits instead of looking cool.

This Battlefield 1 DLC is available to all players for free this December 20, but premium players would have access to it as early as December 13, according to the Game Radar and Game Spot websites.

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