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Battlefield 1 DLC Launch Details, New Features & Everything You Need To Know

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Battlefield 1 DLC Launch Details, New Features & Everything You Need To Know

Battlefield 1 gathered positive reception from players because of its depiction of the Great War. Interestingly, it appears DICE has other plans for the new installment of the franchise. It seems its new update is off to a good start as well.

The industry was at first skeptical of Battlefield 1 and its concept. In a time when the competing games in the industry were Call of Duty Infinite Warfare and Titanfall 2, both science fiction genres, why did DICE opt for a classic setting? This appeared to be its greatest strength, as players praised the game’s realistic narrative.

This led to a successful release, with Battlefield 1 gathering praise for its depiction of World War 1. Classic Battlefield elements such as realistic weapons and maps garnered positive comments as well. It seems its latest downloadable content (DLC) pack, They Shall Not Pass, may garner acclaim as well.

Battlefield 1 DLC: They Shall Not Pass

They Shall Not Pass is not the game’s first update. Giant’s Shadow added a new map last December, which increased the title’s multiplayer population. It appears this was just buttering up the Battlefield entry for this massive release.

However, They Shall Not Pass is the game’s first big expansion. This big update, to launch this March 14, will add 20 new guns, vehicles and factions. To top it all off, DICE will also be throwing four more maps in the fray.

First impressions from PC Gamer were actually good. Reviewer Evan Lahti wrote in a post that the DLC followed the same approach BF1 took for its arsenal. The new game launched with fewer guns with multiple weapon variants. This means weapons are more specialized, and have significant differences when compared with one another.

The RSC 17 is the newest rifle for the Medic class. It has 50 damage per bullet, compensated with low rate of fire. This makes it the slowest of all Medic weapons, but one of the most powerful. Another machine gun is the Chauchat, which is a heavy-hitting rifle but is also very slow.

Meanwhile, the Support class will also get the new Huot Automatic Low Weight, which is good for mid-range combat. It’s one of the most stable rifles in the game, but it only has 26 bullets per magazine. Assault players will get the new Ribeyrolles 1918, which is the only sub-machine gun with a bipod support in the title.

The Lebel Model 1886 is one of the newest rifles for the Scout class. However, some may find it every similar to the Russian 1895 Marksman in terms of rate of fire and damage. Either way, snipers can find the weapon useful for outmaneuvering quick opponents.

Maps, Vehicles

The DLC also boasts four new maps, all based on real-life places. The Verdun Heights has a burning hillside, making areas with forest fire very dangerous. The view itself is a realistic depiction of a village that has just been raided in a time of war. This keeps up with the BF1‘s core theme of highlighting the disasters that happened in the Great War.

The two new maps, Rupture and Soissons, are all set in France. They are both different iterations of farmlands, but with different environmental hazards. Rupture has a river that “cuts” the map in half, with a bridge connecting the two sides. Players may find this bridge a significant choke point, where two opposing sides can expect the most confrontations. Soissons is a town boxed inside a wall, with four tanks scattered around the area for players to control.

Fort de Vaux is a huge fortress with long concrete hallways. Opposing players can approach the Fort via a hill, which forces cooperation from gamers to find weak spots in the fortress’s defenses. This is a good opportunity for fans to try out the game’s new weapons as well.

The DLC also introduces two new tanks. The first one is the Char 2C, which is a massive 70-ton beast. It can take a lot of damage, and disable most tanks with a single blast. Meanwhile, the second vehicle called the St. Chamond is a smaller tank, but with equally-deadly firepower. It has five seats, two of which face the same way. This means the driver can shoot both cannons and support fire.

These tanks, coupled with the new weapons, offer a lot of room for improvisation. This may work with other players as the DLC does offer four new maps. The new weapons, tanks and maps may be enough to help gamers wait for the three other big expansion packs to arrive in a few months.

New Mode, Prices

There is also a new game mode called Frontlines, which is a mixture of Conquest and Rush. According to the title’s website, the new mode is a focused tug of war. Players have to conquer and defend three segments of a map sequentially. This means, opposing sides have to take over areas labeled A, B and C in the field.

The team who does this first enters a “Finale” phase where they have to destroy two telegraph posts. These are located near the enemy’s spawn points. However, the “winning” team has to be careful, as if they die multiple times in this phase, they are “repelled” and have to fight over the third area once more.

Unfortunately, They Shall Not Pass will not be cheap. Players have to pay $50 to get all four expansions via the game’s Premium Pass. Interestingly, this will also be the first big “test” as it has to appeal to players who purchased quite the hefty Premium Pass.

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