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Battlefield 1 DLC Maps Free With Premium Friends

Battlefield 1 DLC

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Battlefield 1 DLC Maps Free With Premium Friends

EA Dice has just introduced a feature that will allow non-Premium Pass holders to play on paid Battlefield 1 DLC maps. Developers want to ensure that all maps of the game will have as many players as possible

Since some maps are available only in a specific Battlefield 1 DLC, not every player is given a chance to try them. EA Dice wants to secure a good experience for everyone so they have found an approach to address this.

In a post by EA Dice Producer Andreas Skoglund on the Battefield official website, they revealed the Premium Friends feature. It will allow a player who owns a Battlefield 1 Premium Pass to bring his friends in Battlefield 1 to play on the new maps.

Those who will create a party in Battlefield 1 with a player who owns a Premium Pass will become Premium Enabled. Players who are within the party will be allowed to play on all maps even though they do not own the Battlefield 1 DLC.

Although non-Premium Pass holders will be able to play in the new maps, they would not earn experience points from it. Only the players who own a Premium Pass or the specific expansion pack will receive the experience at the end of the game.

However, the game will save the experience for non-Premium Pass holders until they decide to purchase the Battlefield 1 Premium Pass. Only then will the game retroactively grant them the experience earned.

Non-Premium Pass holders cannot also spawn in the game with weapons and vehicles unique for the expansion. Only those players who have a Premium Pass or the specific expansion pack can do so. Furthermore, they are the only ones whose track will progress towards the unique medals and codexes for the expansion.

EA Dice has not yet made Premium Friends a permanent feature, but they will hold a test run starting on March 30, 2017. Developers will pay a close attention to the player feedback during the duration of their experiment.

Battlefield 1 Premium Pass Contents

The Battlefield 1 Premium Pass will include more maps, weapons, and four themed digital expansion packs. The four Battlefield 1 DLCs include:

Overall, the Battlefield 1 Premium Pass gives players 14 superior battlepacks, two-week early access to unreleased DLCs, 16 new multiplayer maps, and 20 new weapons. It costs US$49.99 or £39.99.

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