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Battlefield 1 DLC Release Date: ‘They Shall Not Pass’ Available On March 14

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Battlefield 1 DLC Release Date: ‘They Shall Not Pass’ Available On March 14

EA Dice announced that the first downloadable content (DLC) for Battlefield 1 entitled They Shall Not Pass will be released on March 14, 2017. However, only those who had purchased the Season Pass for the game would have access on the said date.

Regular players of the game will still have to wait two weeks later before they get to download the latest expansion. The DLC, They Shall Not Pass, would include several new contents that would revolve around the World War 1 Era.

They Shall Not Pass will introduce four new maps, as well as two new tanks, two operators, and a new game mode. According to the official Battlefield website, the four new maps would include Verdun Heights, Fort De Vaux, Soissons, and Rupture.

Battlefield 1: Details About the New Maps

Verdun Heights sets the battlefield in a massive forest fire that happened because of opening barrages. Players have to take part in an uphill battle towards the fortresses of Verdun where they have to cope with the intense environment as well as never-ending gun fires.

Fort De Vaux takes place in the first big engagement in the fort during World War 1. It would introduce players into a maze of dark galleries and wet stone corridors. As history foretold, the Germans and French have to fight with grenades, guns, and other weapons while in this area.

Soissons features the biggest tank assaults that happened during the first World War. The French Army has to take back the said area by using the St. Chamond Tanks which are also introduced in the game.

Rupture includes the capturing of the key bridges by the French across the Aisne River. It features the area near it where poppies grew from the remains of previous tank battles. Although it looks like a calm area, it allows soldiers to easily set up an ambush against their enemies.

Battlefield 1: Tanks, Operators & Game Modes

Ubisoft will also introduce two new tanks, the Char 2C Tank and the St. Chamond Tank. The Char 2C Tank would feature the real-world French tank that falls under the new class of behemoth. Meanwhile, the St. Chamond Tank became the most heavily armed tank by the Allies during World War 1.

The two new operators would include The Devil’s Anvil and Beyond the Marne. It would feature players taking part in huge tank battles and exciting close-combat action. According to PCGamer, the new game mode, Frontlines, would feature a mixture of the Conquest Rush game mode which has similarities with a tug-of-war system.

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