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Battlefield 1 DLC Release Date: What To Expect & When Will It Be Available

Battlefield 1 DLC

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Battlefield 1 DLC Release Date: What To Expect & When Will It Be Available

The next Battlefield 1 DLC isn’t merely just a DLC, but actually an expansion set for release next year!

The Battlefield DLC, the Giant’s Shadow, is finally available today for all players for free! But EA Dice and Electronic Arts continues their relentless assault with another DLC on the way, “They Shall Not Pass”. And take note that “They Shall Not Pass” wouldn’t just be another mere DLC, but actually the first major expansion to the game. The expansion name most likely has nothing to do with Gandalf the Grey.

In this era of DLC’s, the line between a DLC and an expansion appears to be getting blurred. The following is so far the available information for the expansion:

Battlefield 1 DLC “They Shall Not Pass” Release Date

EA Dice and Electronic Arts were also nice enough to give out a specific release date, which would be this March 2017.

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“They Shall Not Pass” New Maps

Two maps had been confirmed so far, based on the Battle of Verdun and the Battle of Soissons. A little bit of history lesson here: the Battle of Verdun took place in Verdun, France during 1916 from February to December. That said, a playable French army is also to be included in the expansion.

The Battle of Soissons, meanwhile, also took place in France but in the northern areas during 1918. The event is also notable for the tank battle that took place.

EA Dice and Electronic Arts had also released some concept art for the maps, although they aren’t final and changes in the expected imagery could still take place.

Aside from new maps and a new army, more weapons are also expected in the upcoming expansion, as reported in the Game Spot and iDigital Times websites.

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