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Battlefield 1 DLC They Shall Not Pass: French Army, New Mode & More

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Battlefield 1 DLC They Shall Not Pass: French Army, New Mode & More

The French are arriving in the first batch of DLC (downloadable content) from Battlefield 1. They also come with their special new game mode. Just what role will the French play in the World War I game?

Battlefield 1 has been praised across the board for its intense story and immersive gameplay. It is also a radical new take on the modern first-person shooter genre. After all, the recent releases last year in the genre were under science fiction, and Battlefield‘s new entrant is a blast to the past.

Still, Battlefield 1 blew the entire gaming field’s expectations off the charts. The game remains to be popular with its players and newcomers to the genre. Its newest They Shall Not Pass DLC will have the French entering the fray.

Battlefield 1 DLC: Here Come the French

The latest DLC of the game will be adding four maps for the French-themed pack. According to the game’s official website, DICE and Electronic Arts have revealed that the location of the DLC is during the Battle of Verdun. The maps in the DLC will include Fort Vaux, Soissons, Rupture and Verdun Heights.

Players can get a glimpse of the maps from images in the website. The DLC also confirms the appearance of the French army. It can be remembered that the French themselves were an integral part of the Great War. This means it’s exciting to see DICE and EA’s take on their contributions to World War I.

New Story, New Mode

According to Game Rant, the DLC also introduces a new game called Frontlines. This new mode will be along the mixture of Conquest and Rush. The game mode’s description reads that players will have to fight for one flag at a time.

Flags have to be captured in order to move to the next objective. By the time the HQ control point of the enemy is captured, the game flips into a Rush-type game. This time, the telegraph posts have to be attacked or defended.

Vehicles such as the Char 2C tank and the St. Chamond will also make an appearance. The Char 2C is actually an actual behemoth of a tank that is used in the Great War. The roles of the two tanks will be similar to the “armored train” in the game.

The game will also introduce the Trench Raiders. They’re an elite class that use a Raider Club. They possess a lot of grenades as well, although just how they function has not been emphasized. Developers are also going to put the Siege Howitzer, a new stationary field gun, that allows all players to fire.

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