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Battlefield 1 News: Custom Game Mode, February Update & More

Battlefield 1
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Battlefield 1 News: Custom Game Mode, February Update & More

DICE has some good Battlefield 1 news for fans. Its February update may get a new custom game mode, all for players to enjoy.

The game easily earned its spot as one of the best games for the year, and for good reason. Its accurate and terrifyingly amazing depiction of the Great War is something to cherish. It may also be the most unique title in the entire FPS trio of combatants that were released.

Now it appears DICE is set to give the title a lot of post-launch content this year.

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Battlefield 1 News: “Custom” How?

According to a blog post on the game’s site, there’s a new Custom Game mode in the game. It’s called Bleed Out, which is a modified version of Rush. Fallen soldiers get to respawn faster than usual during combat, but there’s no health regeneration.

Regardless, it’s just the latest Custom Game Mode to be in the game. The game features other tons of new modes such as Eye to Eye. This forced people in close quarters with shotguns as their only weapons. Another is the Line of Sight, where players can only play as either Scouts or Medics.

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Battlefield 1: New Updates

However, the game still has a lot of improvements to make. DICE even mentioned that its own tests and fan feedback helped the devs get ideas for new features.

According to Game Rant, other new features to expect include a Spectator Mode. This is a good addition to already big changes in the game. New weapons such as the grenade crossbow(!) and a free Giant’s Shadow map is already here.

Now the devs are also ready to get players excited for its first of four expansion packs. The first is called They Shall Not Pass. It adds four different maps for players to enjoy by the time it releases on March.

Battlefield 1 is available for the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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