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Battlefield 1 Friends System Grants Access To Exclusive Maps – How It Works

Battlefield Friends System
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Battlefield 1 Friends System Grants Access To Exclusive Maps – How It Works

Details on the Battlefield 1 Friends System have been revealed, which will bring a whole new experience to players of the game. Though the new system is yet to be released, it leaves many excited for the upcoming update as it will bring a new perspective to the first-person shooter video game.

Battlefield 1 Friends System: How It Works

Officially called Premium Friends, the new system will allow players to explore and enjoy new maps together with their friends, regardless as to whether either companion has a Battlefield 1 Premium Pass or not. Furthermore, parties that contain a member boasting a Premium Pass will become ‘Premium Enabled.’ This entails access to anyone in the team to all maps, regardless as to whether or not they own the actual content. Access to such is temporary though, as this is only valid while the team is Premium Enabled.

The system of Premium Friends poses quite the opportunity to many. This is because access is granted to some areas that had been previously attainable only through DLC (downloadable content) expansions. Thus, in theory, a group of friends can band together to cash in on the $50 Battlefield 1 Premium Pass in order for all of them to enjoy the perks of Premium Friends.

However, there is one downside to this approach: only one person can own the Premium Pass, and thus, only their account will have access to content provided by the game’s Premium Pass. Despite the fun bonus that Premium Friends provides, some new content will still be exclusive to owners of a Battlefield 1 Premium Pass. These will include XP (experience points) from maps exclusive to expansions, unique medals, and expansion-exclusive weapons and vehicles.

When Will The New System Be Available?

No official release date has been released for the new Battlefield 1 Friends System so far. However, DICE will be having a test run of Premium Friends on March 30 during Battlefest so as to gain feedback in order to work on any tweaks needed to improve the system and its experience.

Battlefield 1 is available on the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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