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Best Digital Card Games 2016: Hearthstone, Duelyst & More

best digital card games 2016
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Best Digital Card Games 2016: Hearthstone, Duelyst & More

When it comes to the best digital card games 2016, you have plenty of choices. There are several entries that will tantalize you. Some of these include Duelyst, Hearthstone and Eternal among others.

Among the best digital card games 2016, Hearthstone is a natural choice. This game marks the advent of Blizzard into the card gaming category. The Mean Streets of Gadgetzan expansion will also throw up new strategies galore. Old cards do not have to be tracked down as well.

Making it one of the best digital card games 2016 is the mix of daily quests and weekly tavern brawls. You can actually find it easier to build up your own collection. Several games in this category still continue to imitate Hearthstone, according to Game Informer.

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Duelyst and Other Games 

Duelyst is another engaging game that you should try out. This requires a solid mixture of strategy, tactics and solid game play. You will have a board for moving your units. You will also have a leader to be safeguarded as well. This game resembles a mini battle of sorts and should tempt you, as per Slant.

Shadowverse offers several aspects similar to Hearthstone. However, there is an evolution mechanism in tandem with novel dimensions and cards alike. The evolution system makes proper timing an intrinsically crucial part of your game.

Hex: Shards of Fate has been updated regularly and offers several competitive challenges for players. There are several single player campaigns available as well. The Elder Scrolls: Legends features quite a few attractions.

Some Other Exciting Options

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game also comes with several appealing features. This mini game actually does quite a good job in this segment. Eternal comes with exciting specifications and factions alike. There are dual faction cards in tandem with the special resource system.

Digital card game enthusiasts have plenty to look forward to in recent times!

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