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Best Game Music 2016: Top 10 OSTs You Need To Hear

Best Game Music 2016
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Best Game Music 2016: Top 10 OSTs You Need To Hear

The year is almost coming to a close and it would not be complete without the year-end evaluation of everything that happened in 2016. In terms of gaming, the lists related to the best video games and the best accessories have already been published multiple times. Now it is time to go through the Best Game Music 2016 list.

The official soundtrack of a video game completes the overall experience of a player. It may not be the main point of playing it but it definitely builds the character of the game and it glues all the components of the story and gameplay into one. Plus, it is perfect for product recollection. So which scores made it to Best Game Music 2016?


Earlier this month, Doom‘s OST composed by Mick Gordon won the Best Music/Sound Design in The Game Awards 2016Kotaku also included Doom in their list of the Best Video Game Music this year. The publication even said that the soundtrack rocks harder than any video game OST they have ever heard. It definitely speaks for the charm and brutal combat of the game.

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A unique composition of fine-tuned controls, aggressive visual design and pumping beats to make what the soundtrack calls itself, rhythmic violence. The soundtrack is composed by Brian Gibson.


Composed by well-known video games composer Austin Wintory. It is mysterious and hauntingly ambient. Classic FM considers this soundtrack to be their top Best Game Music 2016.

The Last Guardian

The full soundtrack features really good music that somehow channels mid-90s Thomas Newman. It is composed by Tokyo-born Takeshi Furukawa who was raised in Los Angeles. His early inspiration includes Final Fantasy and Jurassic Park.

Final Fantasy XV

This game was just recently released and it already made it to almost every Best list there is in the gaming world. The game continues to release incredible music. A listener from Manchester even said that the soundtrack composed by Yoko Shimomura is “absolutely perfect.”

Civilization VI

Composed by the legendary Geoff Knorr with Roland Rizzo and Phill Boucher. The main theme, however, was provided by Christopher Tin. Main menu song Sogno di Volare or The Dream of Flight makes the perfect introduction.

I Am Setsuna

This chilly score is perfect for the game’s permanently winter theme. The collection of piano compositions by Tomoki Miyoshi channels the video game’s mournful and elegiac tone.

The Banner Saga 2

This will be the second entry by composer Austin Wintory. The ensemble and the overall collection of the soundtrack capture the cold and mournful air of the game’s fractured world.

Hyper Light Drifter

The interesting rhythm showcases a blend of retro sounds and synths. It is omposed by Disasterpiece who purposely makes use of lo-fi digital audio. Surprisingly, it works perfectly for Hyper Light Drifter.

Samorost 3

The soundtrack is composed by Floex a.k.a. Tomáš Dvořák. It is an outstanding collection of tones, mood and notions that channels exactly how the game looks.

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