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Best Horror Video Games 2016: The Titles You Need To Play

Best Horror Video Games 2016
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Best Horror Video Games 2016: The Titles You Need To Play

This year had surely offered the most hard-core of all the players with the Best Horror Video Games 2016. Even so, some of these players are not that hard-core enough such that they have missed some of these titles at particular circumstances. Here are the titles you need to play.

Horror, Horror, & More Horror:

The Best Horror Video Games 2016 remain to be the most interesting game genres there are. However, everyone does not possess the necessary courage to play through it. The horror game’s shocks and bloody disgusting effects could either excite players or throw them all out at will.

Horror At Christmas?

Although the Christmas holidays may not prove to be the best season for jump scares, we still present to you the 4 Best Horror Video Games 2016 anyway, especially with the year now coming to a close. But, let us check facts straight first. Most of these titles have not earned much playtime from audiences within the year. That is, these titles come with the rarest game-plays. Such consequence comes with various reasons.

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Here Are The 4 Best Video Games 2016:

  1. Cursed Mountain. Set in Tibet during the 1980s, this RPG game lets you assume the character of Eric Simmons. A seemingly clueless man, Eric is actually ascending the mountain to look for his brother who has mysteriously vanished. On his way up, he will be battling with spirits, ghouls and hair-standing mysterious forces. To protect himself, Eric will have to purify the forces with blessed weapons.
  2. PT. The P.T. game served as an interesting gateway to producing the Silent Hill game. Well, that is, Hideo Kojima intended it to be until he was ousted from Konami. Therein, he had the game removed from the PlayStation store. This resulted to the game’s unprecedented loss of gaming prospects.
  3. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Atari 2600). In this game, you will act as the killer called Leatherface. The game system will give you handouts about the best way to kill teens and avoid killer-killing enemies. The game features blood over blood until it will creep you out itself.
  4. Gremlins Gizmo. Featured in Nintendo Wii and DS, the game was originally designed by a toy company called the NECA. It features an eerily light atmosphere with cute little monster gremlins.

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