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Best iOS Games 2016: The Titles You Need To Download

Best iOs Games 2016
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Best iOS Games 2016: The Titles You Need To Download

The year 2016 offered the best gadgets such that the general consumers responded with countless purchases here and there. Some gadgets were a let-down while the others were an absolute marvel. Now, for the holidays, the consumers can only buy the Best iOS Games 2016 or buy nothing at all. Here are the titles that need to be downloaded in order for the buyer to secure a great game-play this Christmas.

It’s More Than The Phone:

Besides the quality of the iOS, lest the Smartphone’s slick design, the perfect gaming iOS match is a must. The mobile format is actually meant to partner with and increase the game’s entertainment quality by its promotion.

The iOS game in turn, does the same thing for the mobile format. For years, both elements have become mutual with each other. In buying a mobile phone or downloading the iOS game, the game-player ought to secure that both match each other’s formats.

The Ultimate iOS Game Experience:

So, everyone should take note of the list of Best iOs Games 2016 at par with the likes of iPhone 7 gadgets. Ultimately, the process of selecting the Best iOs Games 2016 is a make or break phase for the whole gaming business.

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Here Is The List Of The Best iOs Games 2016:

  1. Mini Metro. Downloaded in Android and iOs for only $4.99 USD, the Mini Metro game innovates from the London Tube maps into a colorful puzzle.
  2. PinOut!. The PinOut basically hails from usual Pinball games. But this time, it hypes up the game’s platform and ends up creating a survival game in the process. The game comes in free package or a $2.99 USD rate for better Android and iOS gaming quality.
  3. Clash Royale. The Clash Royale comes out as an absolutely free package with in-app purchases in both Android and iOS formats. At a free cost, provided that it matches with the mobile format, it can already provide maximum entertainment to game-players.
  4. Reigns comes in at $2.99 USD for both Android and iOS platforms. The game provides perfect opportunities for strategists.
  5. Concrete Jungle. The Concrete Jungle comes at $4.99 USD for both Android and iOS. It offers great community-building and warfare-setting experiences.

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