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Best Nintendo 3DS Games 2016 For Beginners: Mario Kart, Pokemon Sun & More

Best Nintendo 3DS Games 2016
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Best Nintendo 3DS Games 2016 For Beginners: Mario Kart, Pokemon Sun & More

Learn about what a lot of people consider as the Best Nintendo 3DS Games 2016 for beginners in this article.

While what could be considered as “best” is subjective, below is a list of some recommended games for the 3DS for beginners. Take note that the list isn’t the personal best list of the writer, and is mostly based on gathered data, such as what appeals to most, or what are recorded as the best-selling games for the handheld console. This is aside from some actual experience with the games.

Mario Kart 7

The game would also appeal not just to fans of the franchise, but also fans of the racing genre. However, Mario Kart‘s solid gameplay might even get those who aren’t actually into the racing genre to enjoy it.

Mario Kart 7 is the 3rd hand-held release for the Mario racing spin-offs. The game currently holds the record of being the 2nd best-selling 3DS of all-time. Mario Kart 7′s controls are easy enough for beginners to fully grasp. Easy to learn, yet hard to master. The multiplayer mode would definitely keep players hooked for hours.

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Best Nintendo 3DS Games 2016: Pokemon Sun & Moon

The latest game in the long running franchise. The very first Pokemon games started out with the Gameboy, the earliest Nintendo handheld that allows to play several different games with cartridges. It is unlike its predecessor, the Game & Watch, where one has to be a different unit for each game.

Pokemon Sun and Moon haven’t reached the sales record of Pokemon X and Y yet. But Pokemon X and Y holds the record of being the highest selling 3DS game to date. The latest Pokemon game has a lot of potential and might eventually surpass Pokemon X and Y in terms of sales record.

The game is ideal for those who are just getting into Japanese Role Playing Games. But that also doesn’t mean the system isn’t complete enough for veteran players.

Slash Gear considers Pokemon Sun and Moon as their best game from 2016.

Super Smash Bros.

Also available for the Wii U. Super Smash Bros. is the best game to introduce beginners into fighting games, before moving into more complex fighters like Street Fighter. Super Smash Bros. is also a crossover that also features characters from other games that aren’t under Nintendo.

Gaming bolt also has a list of the Best Nintendo 3DS Games 2016.

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