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Best PS Vita Games 2016: The Titles You Need To Play

Best PS Vita Games 2016
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Best PS Vita Games 2016: The Titles You Need To Play

While there are more games available for home consoles like the recently released PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One, PS Vita also has some awesome games in its library. Here is a list of the Best PS Vita Games 2016 of which one is currently on a big sale as part of the PSN Holiday Sale Week 3.


The art and visuals of this game are two of the many things people love about it. Severed, developed by Drinbox Studios, features an awesome soundtrack, light RPG mechanics, a touchscreen battle system and prized-battles that will keep a player glued to the game.

The main character of this game is Sasha who is a one-armed warrior. She uses a living sword in her journey to find her missing family in a place filled with monsters.

As reported by WWG, this game is currently on sale until tomorrow 8am PST as part of the PSN Holiday Sale Week 3. It is now selling for $8.99 and $5.99 for PlayStation Plus members.

Dragon Quest Builders

There is no doubt that Dragon Quest Builders is one of the best PS Vita games 2016. It is basically the love child of Dragon Quest and Minecraft, which are two already big games in the community. Its more focused missions are what separates it from its inspiration. In general however, the land of Alefgard can be built however a player wants.

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth

This game used to be a Japan exclusive game. It got its much deserved reception when the game entered the United States market giving it a lot more purchases. According to a report by Heavy, the game received a lot of loyal fans because of the inclusion of popular Digimon characters. This is best for people who like a long compelling storyline,

Zero Time Dilemma

This game reminds some people of Ender’s Game. Not the actual novel or film but the game Ender was playing in the story. Zero Time Dilemma is a dark adventure that tests a player’s solving skills and even moral decisions.

World of Final Fantasy

If there is any title that is practically on every Best List every year, it is Final Fantasy. The World of Final Fantasy, which made it to the Best PS Vita games 2016 list, features two new characters with familiar FF magic, heroes and villains. It also features the comeback of the Active Time Battle.


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