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Best Video Game Women 2016 From Overwatch, Dishonored 2 & More

Best Video Game Women 2016
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Best Video Game Women 2016 From Overwatch, Dishonored 2 & More

Video games have come a long way and have evolved through the years. One notable change is the participation of women characters and their roles in the gaming scene. With this, Video Games Republic presents you a list of the best video game women 2016 characters.

Lillie from Pokemon Sun and Moon

Pokemon Sun and Moon was only released last November, almost nearing the end of the year. But it has made it to the most popular games this season.

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Although the game has players interested and focusing on new Pokemon, there’s one character in the game that people noticed. Lillie is a shy girl at first but as the player interacts with her along the way, she becomes this dynamic character who ultimately shows the player what she’s capable of.

Lillie may be branded as a secondary character in Pokemon Sun and Moon but she’s important enough that without her, your gaming experience wouldn’t be complete.

Nadine Ross from Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

If there’s one word to describe Nadine Ross, it’s tough. Nadine may be the only one capable of beating the Drake Brothers, which players know can be a difficult thing to win against when challenged. She’s tough enough that she’s getting a lead role in the next Uncharted game, The Lost Legacy.

Not only is she tough but Nadine is smart enough to leave a dangerous situation when she knows it’s not worth it. She proves this as the game nears its end where she’s caught in a tight situation while pursuing a treasure with the Drake Brothers and Rafe Adler.

Emily Kaldwin from Dishonored 2

What Emily Kaldwin went through is no joke. She was overthrown from her position as empress, she was held captive during most of the game and her mother was murdered. But with all the physical and emotional trauma, Emily still comes out as one of the strongest characters in Dishonored 2 and shows you with her fighting skills just exactly what she can do.

The Female Heroes from Overwatch

We can’t leave out the female heroes of Overwatch. They’re probably the most acclaimed characters and the best video game women 2016 characters. One simply cannot pick just one female character. Ana shows just how badass she can be with a sniper rifle. Her daughter, Pharah, is the same tough woman just like her mother. There’s also Sombra, whose hacker skills has impressed many time and time again.

There’s also Mei, Symmetra, Zrya, Mercy, Widowmaker and D.Va. And of course we can’t really miss out Tracer who made headlines recently as the game’s first gay character.

So which of these are included in your best video game women 2016? Who do you think we left out? Share us your thoughts below.

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