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Best Video Games 2016: Here Are The Games To Watch Out For

Best Video Games 2016
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Best Video Games 2016: Here Are The Games To Watch Out For

The year’s technological updates upped the consumers’ standards for the Best Video Games 2016. The arrival of game techs in 2016 facilitated drama in the market. 2016 offered the most dynamic of all video game techs as reflected by the arrival of consoles PlayStation 4 Pro and of course, the latest Xbox One S. Furthermore, the delightful reality headsets, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR and various other video game graphic powering technologies are yet to reveal the tip of the iceberg of the whole gaming direction in 2017.

2016 Boasts Of  A Massive Game Selection

Because of the given factors, experts believed that there hasn’t been a single game that stayed in 2016’s spotlight for long. This fact indicates that 2016, of all the years, had had the best game offerings. Thus, consumers ought to go through it again and pick the Best Video Games 2016 before the year ends.

Here Are The Best Video Games 2016- Titles Worth Buying [note that the listing does not rank the titles for they have been selected for varied categories]:

  • Titanfall 2 [XBOX ONE, PS4, PC]: Promising a place in the list of the Best Video Games 2016, the game promotes best single-player mechanics and balances it with slightly-angled multiplayer format. It stood as more than a mechanical surprise. Since then, it has surprised players with update features here and there.

  • Uncharted 4- A Thief’s End [PS4]: Beyond the superb game-play, action and adventurous atmosphere, the Uncharted 4 forever stands as an emotionally-empowering narrative. Therein, rumors have then speculated that the climax of the game will be main hero Nathan Drake’s ultimate battle for life.
  • Lego Stars: Force Awakens [all platforms]: The key of this game is humor. Fans cannot simply dismiss the favorite Star Wars characters all reacting through major scenes from the movie itself.

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Other Best Game Titles For 2016 Include:

  • Inside [PS4, XBOX ONE, PC]
  • Batman: Arkham VR [PS4 w/ PlayStation VR]
  • Pokemon Sun/Pokemon Moon [Nintendo 3DS]

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