Here are the best Windows 10 PC apps 2016 you might need and want:


Netflix is the king of online streaming of your favorite series. Netflix has been creating its original series and movies and they are getting really good reviews and responses from the viewers. The Windows 10 OS in your laptop can get access to these go-to movies and shows without even opening a browser. Netflix plans cost $7.99 up to $11.99 in one month. Download it here.

Best Windows 10 PC Apps 2016

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Adobe Photoshop Express

The Adobe Photoshop Express is a really good and powerful editing app but some of its functions are found to be useless by some people. Thus, Photoshop Express is created. This app is just enough to meet all the required editing by a layman. The basics include crop, flip, rotate, straighten, and adjustments on brightness, contrast, and exposure. This is perfect because it does not eat up all your RAM at all which may slow down your system. This app definitely qualifies to the list of the best Windows 10 PC apps 2016. Download it here for free.

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Wunderlist gives a clean, organized and fast way to write to-do lists, set reminders, and fix schedules. You may also use it to list down your grocery and shopping items. You can add notes, images, and documents to lists. Cortana may be linked to Wunderlist for easier management. Download for free here now.


Enpass helps in securing your laptop by creating strong and unique passwords. This is a password manager which serves as a secure database for all of your passwords and it is stored locally. It has a password generator, auto-fill passwords, time-based one-time passwords, cloud sync, folder support, and a secure web browser. Download this app now. It is worth $4.99 on sale for a limited time only.

Windows Central

Of course, a list on the best Windows 10 PC apps 2016 should have a Windows-made app. Keep up with the latest Windows news with Windows Central. This is perfect for your Windows 10 PC. This is easy to navigate and has separate tabs for phone, Surface, Xbox, apps, and more. The app provides for forums, videos and podcasts too. Get it here for free.

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