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Best Xbox One Games 2016: The Games Worth Your Money

Best Xbox One Games 2016


Best Xbox One Games 2016: The Games Worth Your Money

Learn about some of the Best Xbox One Games 2016 that are on sale status. But, just because they’re on sale doesn’t automatically justify why they’re worth the budget.

Usually, when a game goes on sale status, it’s because the game is either too old or isn’t selling well. If not, then it’s some sort of generous special offer from the developers, such as an anniversary or holiday sale.

Regardless, here are some of the Best Xbox One Games 2016 on sale status right now. Some might be old but they are definitely gold.

Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3 is at 50% Off right now, which means it’s only $30 or $42.50 for the deluxe edition. The latest could be considered as the best. The Dark Souls series is infamous for being hardcore hard and really challenging. The story mode is worth replaying by trying out a new character class and build. Its great gameplay combined with a great story adds more to its replay value. And what makes the game worth it to continue playing after finishing it is also the Player Versus Player mode.

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Limbo is currently bundled with its predecessor Inside for the price of $17.99. Its predecessor Inside was good, but Limbo is even better. Despite the duration of the game being somewhat short, it’s still definitely worth playing. Limbo offers some interesting challenges in its puzzles. Aside from the great gameplay, the game has stylistic and interesting, although disturbing, visuals. The game was even considered as an art form by some. The plot and ending would also leave a lot of players thinking.

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain 

The final Metal Gear under Hideo Kojima before he broke with Konami could be considered a masterpiece. The Metal Gear series wasn’t the same ever since Hideo Kojima left. Several online publications had also given this iteration a perfect score. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain costs only $20 right now, and $33.49 for the complete edition.

Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption is currently priced at $14.99. The first person, open world sandbox game already had a sequel on its way. While technically it is Grant Theft Auto in a western setting, Red Dead Redemption has other interesting quirks and modes to offer, such as the mini games and its multiplayer mode.

Grant Theft Auto V

And speaking of Grant Theft Auto, the latest in the series is the best. It is currently available for $23.99. One could do almost anything they want in this open world sandbox game set in modern times.

What could be considered as the Best Xbox One Games 2016 on sale is subjective, so here are a list of other Xbox One games you might consider the best.

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