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Bethesda Says Fallout 4 VR Is The ‘Whole Game’ – Updates, Features

Fallout 4 VR
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Bethesda Says Fallout 4 VR Is The ‘Whole Game’ – Updates, Features

Bethesda fans may not have Fallout 5 or Elder Scrolls 6 yet. However, a Fallout 4 VR (virtual reality) game may be one fans are waiting for. If Bethesda’s venture into VR is successful, then this game can revolutionize the industry.

Fallout 4 VR started to make rounds all over the internet after the release of various VR consoles. After all, the venture of other developers into making semi-VR “experiences” begs the question: when is Bethesda making its move? With games such as Resident Evil 7 successfully gaining fans with its VR version, the question is something to ponder.

However, it seems Bethesda is finally breaking its silence about the features of Fallout 4 VR. Bethesda director and executive Todd Howard confirmed that the game will have the full Fallout 4 experience. This is huge news for fans of the game.

Fallout 4 VR: What Is It?

Fallout 4 was released last November 2015 and reached critical acclaim. It has become one of the most successful Bethesda games in the franchise’s history, and maybe even Bethesda’s. The prospect of adapting it into VR is a viable option.

The news came courtesy of an interview with Howard from staffers at Glixel. He confirmed progress about the new VR title, and it will indeed be composed of the whole game. Howard added that the game is confirmed for the HTC Vive for now.

Of course, fans of the hit series will be disappointed (for a bit) to know that the game still has a lot to go on. After all, the publisher will have to convert all of its assets to be “interactive” in a VR sense. Interestingly, Bethesda also said the game will hopefully be finished at some point this year, although fans will be able to hear from the team very soon.

Updates, Features

Interestingly, according to Game Rant, Howard also discussed some features in the game. Aside from being a “VR shooter,” the upcoming title will be “awesome” due to some concepts in the game. These are the V.A.T.S. system and Pip-Boy interface. The former, the Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System, allows players to slow down time and choose a specific body part to target. The latter, the Pip-Boy, is the primary game interface.

Howard also acknowledged that movement and locomotion are big problems in VR games, often causing nausea. However, he did say that they are trying to work on a solution aside from the “teleport” option. Other games will normally disguise movement as “teleportation,” which often ruins first-person experiences.

It can be remembered that Fallout 4 takes the same post-apocalyptic premise as the other games. The player, a boy or a girl, is a survivor of the nuclear apocalypse that took over the Earth. He or she lived under one of the many “Vaults” underground, or the survival shelters humanity had to save themselves.

However, the protagonist will “escape” to try to find answers to his or her life’s biggest mystery. In Fallout 4, the player can be accompanied by various companions and the loyal Dogmeat in his quest. Players will explore a nuclear-ridden environment, filled with various monsters, mutated locales, and other survivors.

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