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Big Bang Theory Season 10 Spoilers: Bernadette & Howard’s Baby Name Revealed

Big Bang Theory Season 10
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Big Bang Theory Season 10 Spoilers: Bernadette & Howard’s Baby Name Revealed

The high-rating CBS TV sitcom Big Bang Theory Season 10 is prepping up for the 11th episode. The season features Howard and Bernadette’s baby. Certain leaked information from sources indicated that the baby’s name could be Hallie.

Baby A Bad Idea?

Certain expectations for the Big Bang Theory Season 10 episode 11 focused entirely on the bundle-of-not-so joyful state of raising a baby. By all means, the addition of a baby in CBS’ show can potentially slow down the ratings.

Whatever the case, it seems the show is still pushing heights at the network. As episode 11 goes on standby for tonight, rumors join with the chorus, iTechPost said.

Besides the introduction of Howard and Bernadette’s baby, Hallie in the picture, fans are bracing for the impending Leonard [Johnny Galecki] vs. Sheldon [Jim Parsons] brush-off.

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The events that transpired during episode 10 hinted a serious conflict between the two major characters Leonard and Sheldon for episode 11. So, if not for the baby, fans are very much up to this.

Could this possibly lead to a cold state in their friendship? Fans are dying to know.

A lot of squabbles have been arising in the Big Bang Theory Season 10 lately. Fans were also wary by how Raj [Kunal Nayyar] and Stuart [Kevin Sussman] are to reconcile their sides after the “third-wheel” conflict in episode 10.

The Humors Are Serious In Big Bang Theory Season 10

Perhaps the tension of expecting a baby might have affected the synergy of the characters. Who knows- the stress brought about by the anticipation may have indirectly put the characters on edge.

Nevertheless, even comedy shows have their shares of tensed moments.

The CBS network did not intend to give out the baby’s name beforehand. It was from the show’s latter synopsis that the baby name has leaked.

By all means, fans acknowledge this as a rumor and are ready to move forward even if the show decided to change the name. After all, the “baby thing” does not even stand a chance to what comes out of Leonard vs. Sheldon and Raj vs. Stuart brush-off.

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