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Big Syke Cause Of Death: What Happened & How He Died

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Big Syke Cause Of Death: What Happened & How He Died

Another rapper has left the music industry. Although Hip Hop is not as old as other music genres in the mainstream scene, it has shaped a culture that is very much alive until today. For most of the people, Hip Hop is not just a music genre but a lifestyle. One of 2Pac’s (one of the biggest names and icons in the world of Hip Hop) most trusted confidant was found dead. The question now is, what was the Big Syke cause of death?

Who was Big Syke?

Big Syke was born on March 31, 1975 in Inglewood, California. His real name is Tyruss Himes and the stage name Big Syke was a revision of his old nickname, Little Psycho. His career started in 1990 with a group called Evil Mind Gangstas. The said group released one album.

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He then met 2Pac in 1992 and has since then been close friends. He is one of 2Pac’s most trusted confidants. Additionally, he was part of 2Pac’s groups, Thug Life and the Outlawz. Although he is popularly known as Big Syke, his name in the Outlawz was Moozaliny.

According to a report by Heavy, the pair collaborated on four songs on 2Pac’s seminal album, All Eyez On Me. This was the time when Thug Life broke up and after Shakur’s release from prison. Big Syke dropped some verses in songs All Eyez On Me, Picture Me Rollin and Check Out Time.

Big Skye Cause of Death

Image Source: Makaveli Reborn Tupac Shakur Facebook Account

The rapper was active until this year and his last video was released just over a year ago. A video circulated in the internet in March of this year showing 2Pac, Big Syke, Richie Rich and Warren G in a freestyle Battle.

What was the Big Syke cause of death?

According to a report by TMZ, Big Syke was found dead late Monday night in his home on Hawthrone California. Law Enforcement said that there was no signs of foul play. The Big Syke cause of death is suspected to be of natural causes. Apparently, the rapper has a history of heart issues and obesity. However, an autopsy will still be performed. He was 48 on the date of death.

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