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BlackBerry 2017 Specs & Price Of New Phone: Here’s What We Know

BlackBerry 2017
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BlackBerry 2017 Specs & Price Of New Phone: Here’s What We Know

The BlackBerry 2017 announcement has definitely taken everyone by surprise. The Canadian smartphone maker has decided to make a last ditch attempt to revive its erstwhile position. BlackBerry has announced a brand new Qwerty smartphone at the event.

The BlackBerry 2017 announcement at CES 2017 has surprised everyone who thought the company was dying a slow death. However, the company had earlier emphasized upon the fact that it would still exist. The manufacturing duties have only been transferred somewhere else as per its statement.

The BlackBerry 2017 announcement was made by TCL Communication Technology Holdings Limited. A touch and feel session took place for the brand new BlackBerry smartphone as per USA Today.

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More on the new BlackBerry

The new BlackBerry looks really attractive in aluminum and comes with a physical Qwerty keyboard as well. The company is going back to the basics since this is what made it popular in the old days.

According to the organization General Manager & President for North America, Steve Cistulli, rumors flew all over the last few months. He added that “we just wanted to say, look that it’s real”. He talked of the entire phase being “part of a portfolio play” for moving forward.

TCL is the North American division of the Chinese behemoth which owns other brands including Alcatel. TCL is the 4th largest handset maker in the North American market. Most of the new BlackBerry’s specifications and even the price are still to be revealed.

When Will It Be Released?

The phone still has to be given an official name. It is currently codenamed Mercury and is expected to be launched around late February 2017. This launch should take place around the time of the Mobile World Congress.

The smartphone will support Android Nougat and will have a USB-C port and fingerprint sensor. There will be the BlackBerry Hub and the headphone jack as well. The launch of this new BlackBerry smartphone has also been confirmed by The Guardian.

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