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[Watch] Blade Runner 2 Movie Trailer: What We Know & What To Expect

Blade Runner 2
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[Watch] Blade Runner 2 Movie Trailer: What We Know & What To Expect

Ready your…two..three… Here we go- watch the Blade Runner 2 movie trailer featuring Harrison Ford’s biggest comeback performance yet after 30 years. Undeniably, the trailer sets everything that we know and we are to expect through the film’s stunning shots, the addition of mysterious character K [Ryan Gosling] and the lush directorial treatment by Denis Villeneuve. Thus, when the trailer alone speaks a lot through its simplicity, how much more the film!

A Beautiful Local Preserved:

With sufficient information, the trailer reveals one at a time the beauty of its locale. More so, it shows how director Villeneuve made sure that the palette from the original is retained here. Finally, the trailer also testifies how the director carefully blends his work in the whole Blade Runner universe.

Blade Runner 2 or known fully as Blade Runner 2049 features a new character called K, played by actor Ryan Gosling. In the film’s synopsis, Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford’s characters cross paths in a strange way.

Many have waited a long time for this sequel. Presumably so, Ford’s character Rick Deckard in the first Blade Runner movie, may have had died along with the memories of the once-hopeful mature fans. What lived on, as per critics’ scrutiny, was director Ridley Scott’s artistry.

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How Villeneuve Prepared For The Blade Runner 2:

As a result, Villeneuve underwent a lot of research and immersion for the movie. Villeneuve’s work seemed to be paying off right after for early projections of the movie praised its intellect and brevity.

Everything the mature fans remember about the first film will surely be flashed back to them in a higher screen quality this time. Rick Deckard will still be doing stunts for sure. Ultimately, new interesting characters will be popping up as plots get thicker by the moment.

The Blade Runner 2 movie will be released October 6, 2017.

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