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BMW 3D Virtual Car Tours: How It Works With Google Tango

BMW 3D Virtual Car Tours


BMW 3D Virtual Car Tours: How It Works With Google Tango

The big talking point at CES 2017 has certainly been the BMW 3D Virtual Car Tours. These have created huge buzz and basically work with Google Tango. BMW is the first global automaker to launch this technology as a real world application.

The BMW 3D Virtual Car Tours are path breaking in spite of Fiat being the first to try the Google Tango 3D augmented reality system. Fiat tested this technology at last year’s Mobile World Congress.

The BMW 3D Virtual Car Tours have been enabled through this innovative technology. Tango is basically a device which Google labels either a tablet or smartphone. Gadgets Now reports that this device comes with distance and depth sensing cameras.

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More Details on Tango

These cameras help in the creation of 3D images and objects can be put within realistic spaces. This includes driveways and even showrooms. The future interactive experience potential is mindboggling to say the least.

Using a compatible smartphone, customers can now choose between two models more realistically. They can take 3D interactive tours of cars both inside and outside. They can also select interior options and colors.

Interaction with the boot or doors will also be made possible. According to Andrea Castronovo, the Group vice president of Sales Strategy and Future Retail at BMW, this tech really works. He has stated that such “visualization is the best thing” whenever the desired product is unavailable anywhere.

What BMW Will Do Next 

The cutting edge system has been created in partnership with Google and Accenture. This will also get a pilot launch at several BMW dealerships sometime soon. There will be one “product genius” stationed at every dealership. He/she will have a smartphone to help visitors experience such digital tours of vehicles.

News18 has also confirmed the roll out of the Tango technology by BMW as a real world operating tool. BMW will finally offer this service via an app. Customers with Tango compliant Android handsets will be able to take these tours themselves eventually.

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