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Call Of Duty 2017 Could Remove Wall Runs & Boost Jumps – Here’s Why

Call of Duty 2017
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Call Of Duty 2017 Could Remove Wall Runs & Boost Jumps – Here’s Why

Call of Duty 2017 may eliminate boost jumps and wall runs. Though this is not confirmed yet, Activision has already announced a return to “its roots” for the popular franchise. The company did not reveal any further details since the game launch is not due for a while.

Call of Duty 2017 is an eagerly awaited game and is expected to usher in a whole new dimension for the iconic series. This little announcement by Activision has caught on with fans who are now eager to learn more.

A member of the Sledgehammer Games development team has now revealed another detail about Call of Duty 2017. The development team head Michael Condrey gave a little hint in response to a fan’s question on Twitter. He stated that the upcoming game will be set “on the ground” as per Game Rant.

What This Revelation Means 

This little revelation may translate into diverse meanings. However, considering the fact that Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare had players battling on several planets on outer space, Earth may be the preferred setting here. In the previous installment, space dog-fighting was combined with first person combat.

However, the concept looks set to be abandoned by the new Call of Duty game. Fans are excited that “on the ground” also equates to a more conventional gaming style. In earlier versions of the game, there had been futuristic soldier movements. Players garnered access to capabilities like wall runs, boost jumps and boost slides.

These changes did turn off some traditionalists in the past. Condrey’s statement is being interpreted by many as a hint towards abolishing these new movement options and keeping players quite literally on the ground. This means no more boost jumps or wall runs by all means.

Sledgehammer Games may implement this by putting gamers in situations where technology has died and traditional combat is required to survive. This could stay in sync with Advanced Warfare and the near future. At the same time, it will also eliminate some gameplay elements which have put off several fans in the past.

There are rumors of the new game being set in Vietnam as well according to follownews. This means that the game may be set on the ground. The gaming series will then truly wander back to its true roots in a manner of speaking.

Why Battlefield 1 Serves as Inspiration

Everything is mere speculation at the moment but there are strong possibilities of new age moves like wall runs and boost jumps being cut out. The development team may be taking a cue from Battlefield 1 which found immense success amongst hardcore shooting game fans. Battlefield 1 went all the way back to the First World War.

As a result, it will not be surprising if the upcoming Call of Duty game goes back to its core philosophies. However, it is still best to wait until the official launch before jumping to any premature conclusions.

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