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Call Of Duty 2017 Release Date May Feature ‘Second To Second Experiences’

Call Of Duty 2017
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Call Of Duty 2017 Release Date May Feature ‘Second To Second Experiences’

Call of Duty 2017 fans are in for a treat as developers from Sledgehammer and Activision appear to be altering the flow of the game. Fans of the critically-acclaimed shooter are all for guns and glory, especially with the ever-expanding multiplayer system of the titles. However, players have not quite appreciated the recent title as anticipated.

The science fiction setting of Call of Duty Infinite Warfare has not seemed to appeal with fans. This may mean the next updates for Call of Duty 2017 will have to work to appease the fan base. However, recent developments suggest Activision has more in store for players.

There are also hints pointing towards a new Call of Duty 2017 game, although these are still rumors. This article will be expanding on this rumored historic shooter as well. Meanwhile, lock and load as Call of Duty may have a lot in store this year.

Call of Duty 2017: New Maps, Gameplay

The rumors came courtesy of a new job listing for the development of a new Call of Duty title. The job listing appeared on Activision’s website, and the game will be developed by Sledgehammer Games. As per typical game developer requirements, one would expect someone knowledgeable in particular skillsets such as programming languages and experience.

However, one particular requirement has sparked the interest of some fans. The person to be accepted for the job will be in charge of “second to second experiences” in the game. If the description is to be taken on a literal sense, this will drastically affect the flow of the game.

According to Gaming Bolt, this suggests that the next maps – or even the next game – in the franchise will focus on new gameplay elements. One of them may be something about altering the flow of the game itself. Initial impressions would include altering the flow of the game in a slow motion mechanic.

Vietnam Game?

A recent “leaked video” on the newest game in the franchise has also sparked controversy among fans. The success of Battlefield 1 after all reignited an appreciation for classic war-themed stories. The Great War setting of the game is a big alteration to Call of Duty Infinite Warfare and Titanfall 2, which were all science fiction shooters.

This particular rumor says that a private event of Sledgehammer revealed a new Call of Duty game set in Vietnam. There is even a video that “proves” such a new setting. If this is true, then the game would be returning to its “old school” style of gameplay.

However, according to Gaming Bolt, the video is fake. It was debunked by YouTube user PrestigeIsKey, explaining some inconsistencies with the rumor’s timeline. He noted that there are no news of a private Sledgehammer event, and Activision would have removed the video if it was authentic.

Only Activision can confirm the existence of a Vietnam-setting Call of Duty game. However, given the relative success of first-person shooters in today’s era of modern gaming, fans may be able to see a game very soon.

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